Face Painting for events & parties in Warrington

Bringing sparkles and smiles to faces large and small - you're never to old to be face painted or glitter tattoo'd

Skin Safe Products

Designed and tested to be gentle & kind
to skin, easy to remove and
safe to use  on younger or older skin

Face Painting

Our face painting includes a huge selection of
colours and designs, we can offer
a selection or stick to an approved design.

Glitter Tattoos

We have a wide range of glitter tattoos
available for your event & can even
custom make designs to be specific for you.

A few things we love to do 🙂

Paint faces, paint arms, glitter beards, glitter tattoos and every now and then we can make balloon swords
balloon wands and balloon dogs if you ask us to. If you’re happy – we’re happy 🙂

Work with us!

Contact us

Fill in your details below, email info@teenytreasures.co.uk, or call or text us on 07903 920753